the G.O.A.L. Project

In 2007/08 and 2008/09, while working at Liceo Tarantino in Gravina in Puglia, I took part to the G.O.A.L. Project (, a Comenius project involving schools from Portugal, Sweden, Cyprus, Turkey and Germany.

Teachers from all these countries gather several times each year in order to discuss and develop new teaching strategies, with a particular attention to cooperative learning and outdoor activities.

My classes in 2007-2009 partecipated to this program focusing on the ancient Olympic games. As a first step they  collected visual evidences of the ancient Greek sporting activities (thanks to specifically planned visits to the local museums of ancient art and to the university library of Classics in Bari). Secondly, they  made specific researches on the sport festivals of Ancient Greece, focusing on the concrete organization of the games and on their cultural meaning (they took full advantage of the multimedia lab of the school). In conclusion , they (partially) enacted the Olympic games with the supervision of an expert trainer.

The entire work was finally presented to the other foreign students involved in the G.O.A.L. through wallpapers they exposed at the meeting in Alsfeld, Germany.