Destinazione Tirana! (Eng)



The 11th July 2008 at 23:00 our adventure begins! We, the brave castaways [written remark: you did not left yet, but you already got lost, apparently!], embark on the Tirrenia ferry-boat. We get some rest on our seats and after 9 hours, a long time just for the girls [slightly sexist remark?], we arrive in Durres, where Loredana and her family welcome us. We head for the hotel "Dafne", where we leave our luggage. After breakfast we go for a panoramic walk in Tirana [apparently they left Durres], with a short stop in Skanderbeg Square, right in front of the National Museum and the Memorial Monument. Along the way we eat our packed lunch, made by our parents for us [written remark: so cute!].



After getting confident with the city, we go back to our hotel, have dinner and retire to our rooms completely exhausted.

cost statement for the day: 65 Euros.



After a pleasant wake up and a rich breakfast, our friend Loredana takes us to National History Museum. It is a very interesting place to visit and, afterwards we find out it had been established in 1981. It is the biggest museum in town and it is one of the most important of the country. Placed in Skenderbeg Square, this museum offers vital information about the history of the entire Albania. it hosts 3,600 items from the cultural Albanian heritage, whose most interesting part traces back to the Palaeolithic age. The museum is divided in sections devoted to the different ages in Albanian history. Especially interesting are the archaeological finds and the section dedicated to WWII and the Partisans' Resistence.




After tasting a nice plate of gjell (mushrooms and vegetables) at Loredana's place, our day goes forth with the visit to the Clock Tower, the symbol of modern Tirana. built in 1821-22 by Et'hem Bey. The stucture was enlarged by 35 m as the clock was built [not totally clear]